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  • E-mail: AlbaluciaMilibrohispano@gmail.com
  • Colabora como Directora del equipo de Embajadores de buena voluntad y Voluntarios al servicio de HHLO/Milibrohispano


Alba Lucía Velez

Board of Directors, Miami

Human Resources Director / Ambassadors & Volunteers

Community leader, educator and volunteer. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Gerontology (Universidad de San Buenaventura, Colombia 1997) a Bachellos Degree in in Health and Physical Education  (Universidad del Valle, Colombia 1990) and a Master Degree in Social Gerontology (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2003). Over 18 years of professional work experience, as well as informational lecturer in the areas of health care, physical therapy, nutritional management, and healthy living conditions. Participant in various state and federal social programs for the elderly. Former president of Fundación Latinoamericanos Unidos (EE-UU, Organization No. 79 of the OAS). Her topics of research includes: Human Scale Development “Study Wellfare States”, “Psychosocialogical Care Programs for Hospitalized People Over Sixty Years of Age”, “Physical Therapeutic Activities: Aerobics and Aquatics for Older People”, “Development Applications for the Elderly and the Group”.