Susana Illera Martínez is an award-winning Colombian author with over two decades of experience in advertising, marketing, and graphic design. She discovered her creativity at a very young age, writing and participating in story telling & oratory contests at school, and later on, hosting and producing her own radio show.

In 2018, Susana independently published her first book in Spanish: Clara ~ Cuentos & Poemas, a compilation of poems and short stories that launched her into the literary world. The author has participated and presented her books in many platforms and events in the United States and Colombia such as: Miami Book Fair (2018 & 2019), Hispanic Heritage Book Fair Milibrohispano (2018, 2019 & 2020), Grito de Mujer International Festival (2019 & 2020), Summer Book Fair Milibrohispano (2020), FILH Ecological Poetry Festival Flores de las Galápagos 2020, Javeriana University Cali (School of Social Communications), San Buenaventura University Cali (School of Education, Literature Program) and Jorge Garcés Borrero State Main Library / Poetry without borders (Cali).
Some of her stories and poems have been published as part of literary collections such as: Cuentos que son una notay Así somos (V and VI editions of the short stories contest: Cuéntale tu cuento a La Nota Latina) and La Floresta interminable ~ Miami poets (Published by Artes Miami).
Susana is an active participant of the creative writing workshop at the Miami Beach Public Library and she is a member and cultural ambassador of Hispanic Heritage Literature Organization,, a non-profit organization that promotes literary projects and events for Hispanic authors in the United States.
In 2019, Susana released her first bilingual children’s book: Lala, a different kind of lizard (Una lagartija diferente), a story that promotes tolerance, empathy, and the importance of respecting everyones’ opinions and feelings. The book won Second Place in the 2020 International Latino Book Awards, in the category of Most Inspirational Children’s Picture Books.
The second book of the series, Lala and the Pond by The Rock (Lala y el Charco de la Piedra) is scheduled to release soon.
Susana recently published a collection of short stories titled Lo que escribo en la arena (cuentos y otras cosas que se olvidan) . For more info about the author and her books please visit: